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Make payment easy for your customers. This helps not only your customers but you too, because choosing the right payment solution is essential to the success of your online shop. If payment is complicated or the preferred type of payment is unavailable, people leave the shop in the middle of the ordering process.  To avoid this, Swiss Post offers you a wide range of secure payment methods favoured by the Swiss population. And our Payment Service Providing payment solution can be easily integrated into your online shop. 

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Did you know? The Swiss prefer to pay by invoice. At your request, we will also take care of integrating the “payment by invoice” function, including the credit check.

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«We wanted a simple, user-friendly system with transparent costs. The Europe-wide coverage of PostFinance’s solution and the high acceptance level of the PostFinance Card are other advantages.»

René ab Egg, Kuhn Rikon Ltd

«I’ve had the same contact at PostFinance to discuss any questions and suggestions for improvement right from the start.»

Giorgio Aravecchia, Panini Group

«PostFinance’s comprehensive package covers all our needs and has equalled or beaten the competition in every area.»

René ab Egg, Kuhn Rikon Ltd

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