Show your personality – with direct marketing

Are you missing a loyal customer base? Does your online shop record too few visitors and orders? Direct marketing is the solution. Deliver tangible information – direct to your customers’ homes! It’s well worth it: 80 percent of people read their mail daily. Regardless of whether it is for mailings, catalogues or postcards, Swiss Post provides you with a wide range of direct marketing options and helps you find the best option for your online shop. At orders received, you will see that our 360-degree advice pays dividends. Do you want to take the reins yourself? Through our seminars, we provide you with the training you need to become a direct marketing pro.

Discover our services

Individual solutions – tailor-made mailings

A customer’s needs are as unique as your products. Because the standard Swiss Post services do not always suffice, you can obtain tailor-made mailings.

PostCard Creator – just do it yourself

Use the PostCard Creator service to design your own postcard mailing. This online service takes you from the design phase to the ready-to-send postcard in only four steps. You design it, we print and send it.

Referral card – because you can count on friends

Friends are friends because we trust them. Enclose a referral card with your parcels. That way your customers can tell others how good your products are. 

PromoPost – huge coverage guaranteed

With unaddressed mailshots, you attract new customers for your online shop in no time – direct, efficient and cost-effective.

PubliPoste – advertise where your customers are

Reach your customers directly through us! At about 1,400 post offices throughout Switzerland, you have the opportunity to draw attention to yourself via promotion spaces, screens, posters, dispensers or counter flyers. 

International direct marketing – successful abroad

Do you also want to market your online shop abroad? Swiss Post facilitates your address management, helps in planning and creating mailings and provides individual shipping and response solutions.

B-Mail bulk mailings – advertise in grand style

For letters and mailings with a volume of 350+, the inexpensive and reliable shipping solution is B Mail bulk mailing. Delivery takes place on the sixth working day at the latest after posting (with the exception of Saturdays).

OnTime Mail – delivered on the date specified

Do you want to ensure optimum coordination of your offline and online measures? Then take advantage of the OnTime Mail specific-day delivery – Monday to Saturday from 10,000 consignments!

The marketing mix counts

To ensure the long-term success of your online shop, it is worth adopting a marketing mix combining offline and online measures. E-marketing offers effective measures ranging from search engine optimization, adwords and banner campaigns through to social media.

We will be happy to create the marketing mix best suited to your needs.

Module E-marketing

What customers say about us

« The postcard campaign is not just fast and simple but also cost-effective and efficient. And the response rate is considerably higher than with other direct marketing campaigns.»

Flaviano Medici, hajk Scout & Sport Ltd

«The PDF is easy to insert in PostCard Creator as an image and guarantees perfect print quality – and it can all be done without hiring an advertising agency or graphic designer.»

Marco Berger, Heinz Berger Ltd