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Did you know? 85 percent of the Swiss population prefer to make purchases with payment by invoice. That’s why it’s important that you offer this payment method. It will avoid the customer terminating the order process just before paying.  Swiss Post will be happy to assist you with a wide range of services from the integration of the “payment by invoice” function and the credit assessment through to the payment guarantee. That way your checkout is always correct. If you wish, we can also look after the all-inclusive service in the outsourcing model on your behalf.

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Freedom of choice when paying

Not all customers favour payment by invoice and may wish to pay using their credit card or alternative means. We can also assist you in integrating additional payment options.

Module E-Payment

  What customers say about us

«The e-payment solution must be well-integrated with the online shop and easy to use in order to create the necessary customer confidence.»

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Panini Group 
Giorgio Aravecchia, Panini Group 

«We have found Swiss Post to be a competent and reliable partner throughout the entire development and start-up phase as well as during day-to-day operations. The quality is right at every level.»

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Dr. Oetker 
Reto Bleuer, Dr. Oetker 

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