Swiss e-commerce trend indicator 2016A B2C study by the University of Applied Sciences in Business Administration Zurich (HWZ) and Swiss Post

Do you think you know Swiss e-commerce customers? Test your knowledge and guess how 10,000 Swiss people responded to the following questions.

7–10 minutesapproximate duration15questions
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Nina – a Swiss e-shopperMost Swiss women have similar online shopping habits to Nina.

Interested in fashionEmployed25-34 years oldNina – a Swisse-shopperShops onlineonce a monthSpends up to CHF 200per month on clothes
Why does Ninashop online?Why doesn’t she use asmartphone for shopping?Comparabilityof offersLarger selectionand availabilityHomedeliveryNot dependenton opening hoursIt’s too cumbersome
Which productsdoes Nina buy?What is important for Ninawhen it comes to delivery?Event ticketsTravelClothingBooks, music,filmsDelivery toanother addressHome deliveryAdvance notice ofconsignment receiptOnline requestto track consignment

Questions on the trend indicator