Swiss online shopping trends
E‑commerce trend indicator

What do people in Switzerland want from online shopping? What is the mood like in Swiss e‑commerce? And which trends are worth noting? Answers to these questions are provided by the Swiss e‑commerce trend indicator 2017, a B2C study by the University of Applied Sciences in Business Administration Zurich (HWZ) and Swiss Post.

The e‑commerce challenge: are you in good shape?

Do you think you know your online customers’ needs? Test your knowledge and guess how Mr and Mrs Swiss responded to the following questions about online shopping. The following test includes a selection of questions and answers from the online survey. The full results of the study are available as a download.

Online shopping behaviour in Switzerland

Results 2017

A survey was conducted for the e‑commerce trend indicator in which over 10’000 people in Switzerland were asked about their online shopping behaviour.

free-delivery'Reasons forabortinga transaction10’000online shopperssurveyedappreciate the opportunityto compare productson the Internet.think an appropriate paymentprocess and free shippingare important.Lack of deliveryoptionsHidden costsPreferred payment methodis not availablefind that product display inonline shops is not largeenough on smartphones.often or always usetheir smartphone forshopping online.make purchases in anonline shop at leastonce a month.prefer using the ricardo.chand Amazon for their online purchasesby invoice or credit card.78%81%80%81%82%89%85%79%72%84%77%63%33%

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