E-commerce growth marketMore than an online shop

E-commerce is a growth market: sales in online retail are increasing year on year. However, operating an online shop is a challenge. From marketing to ordering to logistics, an entire network of services contributes to the success of a business.

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E‑commerce accounts for 50% of growth in the retail sector 1

MarketingProminence in the online world

Attention is common currency on the web. Competition is immense and no prospective buyer simply drops into an online shop by chance. With this in mind, and in addition to online advertising measures, offline marketing continues to play an important role.


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TV and print preferred
The distribution of advertising media across the different channels in 2014. 2, 3

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  • The final click leading to the shop website

    From banner advertising to adverts and search machines to social media and e-mail marketing, there is a wide choice of online advertising media. Ideally, this gives rise to the desired click leading to the shop website, but in the worst-case scenario, advertising which is too intrusive can damage corporate image.

  • Trumps in offline advertising

    TV, print and direct mailing are by no means redundant. The all-round advertising treatment of prospective buyers involves appealing to them in the offline world. Take, for example, a letter: paper can be used to appeal to all the senses.

OrderingThe customer wants it kept simple

The ordering process has not been a linear process for some time. Prospective buyers decide when, where and how they shop. It might be online or offline. This means that it is important to offer all options, while also making the process as simple as possible.


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Channel hopping
Shop visitors choose the most appropriate device according to the time of day and situation.

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  • Make convenience a priority

    A well-designed online shop is the pivot and the keystone in turning visitors into buyers. Accordingly, the easier and quicker shop visitors can place an order, the more likely they are to become buyers.

  • The shop for every situation

    Two-thirds of Internet users in Switzerland already access the Internet using their smartphone. Shopping behaviour is also becoming increasingly mobile. Any online order placed when out and about is more of an impulse buy.

PaymentThe final stretch in the purchasing process

Then, when almost everything seems to be done and dusted, many shop visitors back out when it’s time to pay, either because the procedure is too complicated or because they can’t find the payment options they want to use.


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Credit card or on account
Shop visitors’ preferences with regard to payment options. 4

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  • Trust for trust

    Alongside credit cards, payment on account remains the preferred payment option for consumers in Switzerland.

  • Simple and secure, please

    Does the price correspond to the service? In stationary outlets, consumers can easily check this. They want the same guarantee in an online shop.

LogisticsWith parcels in the offline world

To a certain extent, shipping is the hardware of e-commerce: this is the only point where there is physical contact between the online shop and the customer. But logistics is more than that: it has now become a marketing tool.


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Growing parcel post
In 2014, Swiss Post processed 112 million parcels – an indicator of the booming online retail sector.

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  • The return ticket in shipping

    Goods should reach the buyer quickly and with no incidental expenses. Yet shipping is not a one-way street: depending on the product, returns can also play a key role.

  • The pivot and keystone of the shop

    The warehouse is a dynamic place: it must reflect the volume of orders while being able to take receipt of return shipments.

Customer careFrom passers-by to regular customers

Attracting customers is one thing. But the real skill is keeping them. Of 100 prospective buyers, only one of them finally becomes a regular customer.

Customer care

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The battle for buyers
The e-commerce process from the target group to shop visitors and potential customers to regular customers. 5

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  • The voice of the online shop

    Customer service naturally extends throughout the entire e-commerce process. Yet a shop operator’s customer service is a place for personal contact.

  • Know your customers

    From a customer’s address to their behaviour, e-commerce generates huge volumes of data which must be managed. The goal: customer care and customer retention.

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